Gate valve / Slide gate valve

VDL gate valves have their own specific application. When open, they have
a completely free passage. The gate is completely surrounded by a one-piece EPDM seal. This guarantees a leak-free application and simple operation. The valve is corrosion-resistant thanks to the use of plastic and stainless steel. Gate valves are not suitable for installation in intake lines. The gate valve is available on request with an extended shaft of 50, 100, 150 or 200 cm.

Two types of gate valve are available (see figure).


Gate valves (1)

dia. 50-110 mm with PVC-U gate. The seals in these valves have a recess into which the gate falls when closed. As a result, these valves are only suitable for clean water applications (contamination can otherwise accumulate in the recess of the seals).


Slide gate valves (2)

dia. 110-200 mm with stainless steel gate (A4/314) and orange handle. The seals are flat so that the gate lies on the packing when closed. As these seals have no recess, these slide gate valves are well suited for use with contaminated media. Furthermore, these valves have a different opening and closing mechanism. Before closing the orange gland has to be turned a half/full rotation. The valve can then be completely closed by turning the handle. In this way the stainless steel gate acts like a “guillotine” ensuring sealing at all times (even in the case of a contaminated medium). Before opening (from the completely closed position), the handle thus has to be unscrewed and then pulled upwards. The shaft can be locked in any desired position by means of the orange gland.



  • Simple operation
  • Leak-free operation in all positions
  • Corrosion-resistant thanks to the use of plastic and stainless steel
  • Diameters 110, 160 and 200 mm are also available with a stainless steel gate
  • Simple installation with internal glued and/or screw fittings
  • Not suitable for installation in intake lines
  • Removable upper housing for easy cleaning or replacement
  • Low installation height
  • PVC-U housing / EPDM seal


In pressure-free systems, gate valve for clean water and slide gate valve for contaminated water.

Download technical information

Download technical information