Pneumatic drive: REV Series

The REV Series is the new modern line of pneumatic cylinders with an attractive price level without making concessions on quality. Available in various models with a wide range of options, such as feedback.

The REV pneumatic air-controlled actuators are perfect for the automation of industrial valves, such as butterfly valves and ball valves. REV actuators have a torque from 5 to max. 8,000 Nm, the required control pressure is from 6 to 10 bar.

The drives are available in both double-acting and single-acting versions. The available tilt angle is 90°. On a single-acting version (SA), the integral spring package ensures that the pneumatic drive (and hence the valve) automatically returns to the rest position (open or closed) when the control pressure is relieved. The running time of the actuator can be set by means of the plastic throttle valve in the Namur 5.2 valve.
The actuator can be adjusted +/- in both the open and closed position. The double-acting version (DA) is aircontrolled in both directions.

The REV Series is supplied on the FIP plastic or cast iron butterfly valve (ReValve) or ball valve, incl. complete assembly with flange set and is further characterised by an ISO-standardised connection pattern with a Namur control valve.



  • Double and single-acting version with 24 VAC or 24 VDC actuator
  • Simple operation by comparison with an electric drive
  • For installation on a plastic or stainless steel butterfly valve or VDL ball valve
  • Constant torque
  • Fast opening and closing
  • For use in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Optional limit switches
  • Outstanding price/quality ratio


Pneumatic drives are used on butterfly valves or ball valves in automated processes such as ebb and flood and drip irrigation installations.

Download technical information

Download technical information