Pneumatic drive: AP Series

The AP Series that has already proved itself in recent years is a 90° reversible air-controlled drive for butterfly valves. The AP Series is available with double-acting (DA) and single-acting (SA) drive.

The running time of the actuator can be set by means of the plastic valve.
As standard the AP Series is designed to be double-acting, whereby the 5/2-Way control valve provides the open/close control. The AP Series can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The same drive can be used for ‘standard open’ or ‘standard closed’. Determine both the direction of rotation and the position of the drive before installation. The final adjustment of the valve can be carried out after installation using the adjusting screw in the end cap.



  • Double and single-acting version
  • Simple operation by comparison with an electric drive
  • Constant torque
  • Fast opening and closing
  • For use in both indoor and outdoor applications


Pneumatic drives are used on butterfly valves in automated processes such as ebb and flow and drip irrigation installations.

Download technical information

Download technical information