FIP FE butterfly valve with shaft extension

For precise operation of underground butterfly valves, Revaho supplies the FIP butterfly valve with assembled and protected shaft extension. No protective tube is therefore necessary, and a separate wrench is superfluous. Furthermore, the position of the valve can be checked more reliably.


Shaft extension with manual actuation

The FIP butterfly valve with shaft extension can be quickly, easily and accurately actuated by hand at any time. There is a position feedback and the valve can be set to a large number of intermediate positions. The lever of the shaft can be simply removed.

The FIP butterfly valves with extended shaft for manual actuation are not suitable for automatic operation. The FIP butterfly valve with extended shaft is fully assembled with flange set and a shaft of 0.5, 1 or 1.5 m length.



  • Position indicator
  • Fully assembled with flange sets
  • Not suitable for automatic operation
  • Aluminium/stainless steel shaft, PVC outer housing
  • Locking with lever


Actuation of underground butterfly valves

Download technical information

Download technical information