FIP FE automatic butterfly valve

The FIP-FE butterfly valves are available with preassembled electric or pneumatic actuator to allow the butterfly valves to be operated automatically.

For underground applications, the butterfly valve must be designed with a steel shaft extension.

Characteristics of electric actuator

  • NedValve 24V AC/DC basic or smart actuator
  • Runtimes 1 to 45 sec (depending on type)
  • incl. 2 extra limit switches
  • incl. anti-condensation heater element
  • incl. thermostat
  • incl. position indicator
  • incl. manual actuation
  • Optionally with 4-20 mA feedback


Characteristics of pneumatic actuator (compressed air)

  • Double-acting actuator
  • Double stroke setting (start and end)
  • Control by Namur 5/2-way valve with plastic dampers, 6 mm air connection
  • Running time adjustable with plastic throttle valve
  • Control pressure 6 bar compressed air (conditioned)
  • Optional as single-acting version (with spring return)
  • Optional with electric limit switch (see information sheet ‘Pneumatic drive REV Series’)


Irrigation systems with relatively high capacities: ebb and flood systems, drip irrigation systems, in main and suction lines


Download technical information

Download technical information