Dorot 60 ANC valve

The Dorot 60ANC is a hydraulically controlled, normally closed valve. The working principle of the 60ANC is precisely the opposite of that of normal diaphragm valves. The valve opens when control pressure is applied. Without control pressure the 60ANC remains hermetically closed. The advantage of this is that the 60ANC can be used in pressure-free systems or even in intake lines if there is an external control pressure (provided that the fertiliser tanks are at the same height).

The 60ANC is resistant to practically all common fertilisers and pesticides used in greenhouse horticulture.
The 60ANC is supplied for application in pressure-free systems. As standard the 60ANC is supplied as a basic valve for hydraulic remote control. A version with 3-way solenoid is possible.

The control pressure for the 60ANC is sourced externally. In a suction line or suction system, this pressure can be tapped from the pressure line behind the system pump. The valve is then opened only when the line is pressurised. Another source can be, for example, a drinking water line possibly controlled by a 3-way solenoid.

The minimum control pressure of the valve is 0.4 bar or 60% of the inlet pressure. If the valve is used for drawing water from a well, a special stronger spring has to be used to compensate the vacuum.



  • Hydraulically controlled NC valve
  • Minimum pressure loss thanks to complete opening
  • Control flow from the main flow or an external water line
  • Completely closed when the system is depressurised
  • Complete opening of the valve by admitting water to above the diaphragm
  • Suitable for fast opening and closing applications
  • Strong and durable design


The valve is made of reinforced polypropylene. All rubber components are made of synthetic materials. Metal parts such as springs and bolt sets are made of stainless steel.



Application for example as a valve in suction lines, drain cocks and ebb and flow panels, safety valve in suction systems for e.g. fertilisers or pesticides, drain tap on filters, drain tap on drain systems, selection tap in low-pressure systems.

Download technical information

Download technical information