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TAF filters are self-cleaning plastic filters from Amiad. TAF filters are based on the operating principle of the SAF family, but are tailored to smaller capacities. Only a small amount of flushing water is released during flushing. TAF filters are compact in design so that they can be easily installed. The filters are supplied complete with electronic differential pressure measuring, control (for pressure difference and/or time), with 230 V electric motor (or hydraulic motor) and drainage tap.

The contaminated water comes directly into the fine filter screen of the TAF. The contamination is collected on the inside of this screen, causing the resistance at the filter to increase. The flushing cycle starts as soon as the resistance at the TAF filter increases to above 0.5 bar or when the set time has expired.
During the flushing cycle, the drainage tap opens and allows the pressure in the suction scanner and in the nozzles in front of the screen to drop. The motor ensures that the scanner cleans the whole screen spirally.



  • Capacity up to 50 m³/h
  • Filtration from 25 to 500 micron (stainless steel screen)
  • Less flushing water (25 litres per flushing cycle)
  • Complete filter with flushing controller and drainage tap
  • Operates with 230 V
  • Back-flushing during filtration is possible
  • Low resistance and low working pressure (1.5 bar)
  • Compact design, no subsequent-filter required
  • Connection with 2” or 3” thread or 3” flange (90 mm)
  • Adjustable flushing duration and cycle time
  • CE approved



TAF filters are used as main filter in smaller installations, such as drip irrigation or (roof) sprinkling, or prefilter in the event of contamination of the day tank. TAF filters require no extra controller. If necessary, the flushing signal from the TAF filter can be interrupted by the (substrate) computer until, for example, the dripping cycle has been completed. The 2” version is also available in a Super (S) version with an extra-large filter screen (150% larger)