Scanaway and Brushaway

Amiad has two options (upgrades) to allow non-automatically cleaned filters to be cleaned semi-automatically: The Scanaway and the Brushaway.
These are cleaning methods in which the filter no longer has to be opened, while the contaminants are actively discharged. These are installation kits, the filter has to be ordered separately. Suitable for plastic and metal filters.

The Scanaway is a semi-automatic suction system comparable with the function of the SAF and TAF filters. The contaminants are sucked through the screen and discharged via the suction scanner and the manual drainage tap.



  • Simultaneous cleaning and filtration
  • Suitable for installation locations that are difficult to reach
  • No extra resistance or loss of capacity
  • Loose sets are easy to install in (existing) plastic TL filters (2” and 3”) or metal filters (3” and 4”C)
  • Available with clogging indicator that gives a signal when the filter has to be cleaned.
Download technical information

Download technical information