SAF filters

SAF filters are industrial, self-cleaning metal filters from Amiad. SAF filters can handle large quantities of contaminant that – if required – can be automatically discharged during filtration. Only a small amount of flushing water is released during flushing. Furthermore, the filters have a  compact design so that they can be installed in a unit.

The large effective screen surface area and the high quality of the screen make Amiad SAF filters unique. The screen has no blind spots, can be fully used for filtration and can also be completely cleaned. With the SAF filters the water enters the filter through a coarse screen and leaves the filter via the multi-layer fine filter screen.

The contamination is collected on the inside of this fine filter screen, causing the resistance through the filter to increase. The SAF filter starts the flushing cycle as soon as this resistance increases to above 0.5 bar or when the set time has expired. During the flushing cycle, the drainage tap opens and allows the pressure in the suction scanner and in the nozzles in front of the screen to drop. The electric motor ensures that the scanner cleans the whole screen spirally by means of several suction nozzles on the shaft.


  • Filtration from 10 to 800 micron
  • Large effective screen surface area
  • Coarse inlet filter and fine filter screen
  • Automatic flushing cycle with various setting possibilities
  • Small amount of flushing water (max. 1%)
  • Available with Amiad control panel (PLC or relay)
  • Also available with spring-loaded nozzles (for extra suction force)
  • CE approved
  • Blue colour, RAL 5010


SAF filters are used where a high capacity, fine filtration or continuous filtration is required. Application for prefiltration, drip irrigation, sprinkling (roof, greenhouse and outdoor irrigation), fog installations, filtration for UV installations and underground water storage.

Download technical information

Download technical information