Plastic filters

Amiad offers a series of high-quality plastic filters in the sizes ¾” to 3”. The filters are suitable for use in the agricultural sector and in industry. Amiad plastic filters distinguish themselves through the high quality of the materials and their sophisticated design.

As with the steel filters, the plastic filter housings can be equipped with
(see also general information sheet ‘Filtration’):

  • Woven stainless steel wire mesh screens
  • Disc elements
  • Perforated stainless steel cylinders

The ‘Super’ (S) versions have an extra-large screen surface area and therefore need to be cleaned less often.

There is a ¾” polyester filter with Viton seals and polyester filter screen specially for prefiltration of highly concentrated fertilisers. This plastic filter is recognisable from the pale blue housing.

The type designation ‘T’ indicates that the ingoing and outgoing edges are at right angles to one another and the upper edge is closed. With the designation ‘TL’ the upper edge has a cap in which a ‘Scanaway’ or ‘Brushaway’ can be installed.



  • Replaceable filter elements for a wide range of capacities, filtration levels and applications
  • High mechanical strength and corrosion resistance
  • Low pressure losses
  • Easy to open for maintenance without the use of tools
  • Semi-automatic upgrade (Brushaway and Scanaway) available (2” TL and 3” TL filters)


Plastic filters are used as main filters in smaller installations, as irrigation set filters or as subsequent-filters behind a media filter.

Download technical information

Download technical information