Mini Sigma filter

Mini Sigma is Amiad’s latest automatic self-cleaning plastic filter. This durable, lightweight filter offers maximum installation flexibility. The filter can be used anywhere in the water system, so filter screens no longer have to be manually cleaned. Several filters can easily be placed in parallel, so unlimited capacities are possible.



Amiad’s Mini Sigma filter is the latest addition to our portfolio. It is a small, lightweight plastic filter with a long service life. The filter is quick and easy to install, simple to operate, and requires minimal maintenance. The Mini Sigma filter was developed for use at low pressure, with a capacity of up to 80 m³/h and with 7 filtration degrees from 50-500 microns. The filter contains a 40-mm (1.5”) flush valve. The low pressure and high contamination storage capacity means savings in operational costs.


The filtration process

Untreated water enters through the coarse filter on the inlet side, and then passes through the filter screen from the inside and the clean water coming through the outside of the screen then leaves the filter housing. The gradual accumulation of contamination on the inside of the filter screen creates a filter cake. As the filter cake grows, so does the pressure difference across the filter. A differential pressure switch (DP) detects the differential pressure, and activates the cleaning process when it reaches a pre-set level (0.5 bar).


Outdoor cultivation application

Mini Sigma filters can be used in outdoor irrigation as the main filter for various irrigation systems, such as spinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.


Indoor cultivation application

For irrigation in greenhouses, Mini Sigma filters can be used as a second/extra filter after, for example, an SAF filter or media filter, or after the day tank.

Download technical information

Download technical information