Metal filters

Thanks to the choice of various filter elements and filtration levels, the metal fine filter from Amiad can be used in a wide variety of filtration applications. The filters are also easy to install and maintain. Fine filters can be employed either as main filters or as subsequent-filters (e.g. behind a media filter).

The filter housing are made as standard from polyester-coated steel. As with the plastic filters, the filter housings can be equipped with (see also general information sheet ‘Filtration’):

  • Woven stainless steel wire mesh screens
  • Disc elements up to 4”-S
  • Perforated stainless steel cylinders

The metal filters bear the code ‘C’ (Compact) and ‘S’ (Super). The ‘C’ versions have a compact screen length, the ‘S’ versions have an extra-large screen surface area and therefore need to be cleaned less often.



  • Coated steel filter housing
  • Replaceable filter elements for a wide range of capacities, filtration levels and applications
  • Large effective filter surface area
  • Easy to open for maintenance without the use of tools
  • CE approved



Amiad metal filters are suitable for irrigation systems, cooling water systems and industrial filtration processes. The large effective filter surface area and the high quality of the filter screens make Amiad filters unique.