High media filters

Amiad media filters are no longer available; these products have been replaced by media filters from Netafim.

Netafim offers a series of high-quality high media filters in the sizes 20” to 48”, specially developed for situations in which very fine filtration is demanded.

These high media filters filter the contamination out of the water by means of three different medium layers. The uppermost layer (anthracite/activated
charcoal) has an extremely high contaminant-absorbing capacity. The middle layer consists of fine sand for maximum filtration. The bottommost layer is a supporting layer and prevents the sand from being washed away. The combination of a thick filter bed and a low flow velocity very efficiently filters out organic and inorganic contaminants. More or other layers of filter medium can be used to achieve other filtration properties.

The capacity and fineness of the filtration is partly determined also by the flow velocity through the filter. A velocity of 7-10 m/h is recommended for a filtration of 10 micron. The Revaho high media filters are made from polyester-coated steel and are available with a flanged or threaded connection.

The filter is cleaned by flushing it in the opposite direction. The filter bed is thereby loosened slightly without disturbing the various layers or flushing out the media. The proper flushing capacity is therefore essential here. Flush the filter in good time to prevent the formation of channels and sufficiently long to discharge the trapped contaminants. The filter has removable filtration nozzles with vertical openings.



  • Filling with 15 cm supporting layer (coarse sand, basalt or fine gravel), 40-45 cm filter sand (0.6-1.0 mm) and a top layer of 30-35 cm anthracite (0.8-1.6 mm)
  • Manual or automatic back-flushing on the basis of pressure difference and/or time
  • Modular expansion possible
  • Equipped with inspection openings
  • Sizes 20” to 48”
  • Flushing at a pressure difference of max. 0.4 bar
  • Cleaning of the filter by means of back-flushing according to table
Download technical information

Download technical information