Flushing controller (dark grey/red)

The Amiad flushing controller can control a large number of flushing processes. The Amiad flushing controller can flush i.a. the following filters: TAF, M100, media filter and high media filter. As standard the flushing controller can control up to 6 valves, optionally up to 12.
The flushing controller can also be coupled so that an even larger number of valves can be controlled. The flushing controller has an extensive display with clear icons so that it is easy to check on the status of the flushing process. In addition the display also shows time, filter type, filter number and further information. This controller also has 7 operating buttons. The flushing process can be started by: differential pressure switch, time setting, manual start or external start (e.g. via a computer). The flushing controller has outputs for the valves (6 or 12), flushing motor, 24 VAC, end of flushing process and alarm. In addition, special valves can be set:

  • “Main valve” can be set if it is desirable to close the outlet of the filter during flushing in order to achieve a higher flushing capacity or to start and additional flushing pump.
  • “Delayed valve” can be set if it is desirable, for example, to flush a filter with air support.
  • A “starting valve” can be set by setting a 2nd valve.
  • The flushing controller also monitors the flushing frequency and gives an alarm when the battery voltage is too low.
Download technical information

Download technical information