ADI-P Controller

Amiad's ADI-P controller provides unique monitoring and control functions for Mini Sigma filters. The controller works alongside Amiad's advanced, easy-to-use app that gives you detailed filter performance data on your mobile phone. The self-cleaning mechanism is controlled and monitored by the ADI-P controller. The self-cleaning cycle is activated by an integrated DP switch.

The ADI-P controller can be supplied in two different configurations: as an integral part already connected to the filter or filters, and configured for that particular filter model, or as a standalone unit to be connected and configured for an existing installed filter or filters.



  • Compact controller with built-in differential pressure switch
  • Works with Amiad's advanced, easy-to-use ADI-P mobile application
  • Warning in case of low or high pressure and low battery
  • Communication via Bluetooth
  • Access to reports and historical performance data