Punching equipment

Manual punches in various punch sizes for drippers, tubing, DAN sprinklers and outdoor field connectors.


Manual punch / Dripper inserter

  • Manual punch 2,5 mm
  • Manual punch tip 2,5 mm
  • Inserter tool Kameleon/Woodpecker for pre-punched dripline

Application: Capillary, CapiNet, single connection, Pulsator, Kameleon(-High), Bubbler, Woodpecker, CNL (Mataf)


Manual punch for microtube

  • Manual punch 3 mm
  • Manual punch tip 3 mm
  • Punch wrench (blue-white) for 16-20 mm PE-tube
  • Punch wrench (green-black) for 25-32 mm PE-tube
  • Manual punch aluminium 3 mm
  • Manual punch Cobra - expander

Application: Cobra tube, thread screw tube and Woodpecker tube


Manual punch for DAN-sprinklers (4 / 4-7 mm)

  • DAN manual punch 3,2 mm barb

Application: NDJ barb, NDJ agriconnector, NDJ Turbojet en NDJ Hurricane


Manual punch for open field connectors (7 / 8 mm)

  • DAN-manual punch 7 mm barb
  • Manual punch aluminium 8 mm
  • Grip/inserter start connector
  • Punch inserter for start connector

Application: Agriconnector, Super starter and Stick starter

Download technical information

Download technical information