Flexnet-HP-PP is a fibre-reinforced, flexible and rollable PE hose, available with or without pre-assembled ½” fittings. Flexnet is used in greenhouse horticulture, outdoor cultivation, and agricultural crops. Depending on wishes and requirements, this hose can be used as a main, distribution and transport, temporary/seasonal, or permanent line. The working pressure of the HP series is higher than the standard Flexnet. The standard spacing of the Flexnet-HP-PP is 50 cm. Practice shows that in almost all agricultural applications, a spacing of 50 cm ends up within the rows of plants.

Flexnet is cheaper in terms of transport, storage, and assembly costs. Flexnet is compatible with a wide variety of fittings. These are available with a pillar/hose clamp connection. Flexnet is usually installed on the surface or in the soil. Assembly only requires standard tools. Installation can even be carried out in freezing or rainy weather. As no glue is used, the system can be immediately pressurised after assembly.



  • Flexible system for different ridge sizes with 50-cm spacing, where the correct  configuration can be determined with blanking plugs
  • Diameter 2”, 3”, 4” or 6”, with standard spacing at 50 cm
  • Identified by the white exterior with red stripe
  • Very easy to assemble with simple tools Very compact and easy to transport
  • Up to 80% lighter than comparable lines
  • The white exterior reflects sunlight and is highly resistant to UV
  • The black PE on the interior provides sufficient protection against the chemicals commonly used in horticulture
  • The reinforcement fibres minimise expansion, and eliminate elongation and twisting caused by changes in pressure


  • The high working pressure and ½” connections make this hose suitable for many systems, such as:
    In-line drip systems (also pressure-compensated and self-closing)
  • Outline drip systems (also pressure-compensated and self-closing)
  • Outdoor irrigation (also pressure-compensated and self-closing)
  • Ebb and flow on roll containers
Download technical information

Download technical information