CO2 dosing hose

The CO2 dosing hose is a transparent polyethylene hose for the dosing of CO2 from flue gases into the greenhouse. The CO2 is injected into the greenhouse through the four holes of 0.8 mm. The holes are made continuously 2x along the edge, at standard perforation intervals. Different injection rates can be achieved by varying the perforation intervals so that the needs of the installation can be satisfied. The width of the CO2 hose is determined according to the roof length and the desired capacity.

The KMG hose is also available. This hose has an installation strip with holes so that the hose can be installed in combination with hooks. By attaching the hose to the growing tube, for example, the hose can “grow” with the crop so that the CO2 is injected close to the growing part of the crop, maximising the injection effect. The dosing perforations do not or barely clog thanks to the possibility of installing on a slope and suspending above the ground. It also reduces the formation of “water traps” in the hose.



  • PE hose with perforations



CO2 dosing systems

Download technical information

Download technical information