Flowsensor Type 2551 (Magmeter)

The GF Signet 2551 Magmeter is a magnetic inductive flow sensor with no moving parts. The patented design is available in corrosion-resistant
materials that offer long-term maximum reliability and minimum maintenance costs. Possible versions are PP with stainless steel, PVDF with Hastelloy-C, or PVDF with titanium. This flow sensor can be combined with the Signet installation fittings. The insertion depth depends on the pipe diameter in which the flow sensor is installed; the lengths V0 and V1 are available as standard. This versatile, easily installed sensor provides accurate flow rate measurements over a wide dynamic range. The Magmeter offers various output options, including an analog, digital and relay output.



  • Patented Magmeter technology for very accurate measurement even in contaminated water
  • No moving parts and pressure losses
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Broad flow rate range and suitable for pipes DN15 to DN300 and empty pipe detection
  • Analog (4 to 20 mA), digital and relay output
  • Corrosion-resistant materials; PP, PVDF, Hastelloy-C, or titanium, PP or PVDF mounting
  • Various menu languages available
  • Available in lengths V0 and V1


Chemical industry, (waste) water monitoring, swimming pools and aquaria, irrigation systems

Download technical information

Download technical information