EZ Pro Junior Controller

The Signature EZ Pro Junior controller (8300 Series) is an easy-to-operate professional irrigation computer. The Junior version has been designed for smaller / simpler systems and has a large number of similarities with the EZ Pro, but differs in some points.

The EZ Pro Junior has a number of extras, such as:
• The pump has a variable delay time from 1 second to 30 minutes.
• The Junior has an extra start-stop possibility for “Daily activity” which activates or deactivates the irrigation for selected days and can be set via the program.

The characteristics are adapted to smaller and simpler systems:

  • Available with 12 valve connections instead of 24
  • Smaller internal power supply so that a maximum of 2 outputs can be activated at the same time
    instead of 3
  • A lithium battery is required for the program memory. The EZ Pro has a special memory that stores the programs without batteries or mains power supply.
  • 3 starting times per program (A,B,C) instead of 4
  • Irrigation time up to 1 hour and 59 minutes instead of 9 hours and 59 minutes
  • Cycle test only manual
  • No programmable pump start per valve connection.
  • Can also be connected to a rain sensor.
Download technical information

Download technical information