NR-010 non-return valve (1½” – 2”)

For the smaller pipe diameters, the successful NR 010 line has a special version in 1½” and 2”. This is a plastic, spring-loaded clapper check valve with female screw thread connection. The NR-010 has a maximum pressure of 10 bar. This non-return valve is easy to open on the upper side by unscrewing the cover. This type promotes quiet closing and limits water hammer.
This non-return valve has a completely free passage and hence low pressure loss, a particular benefit in intake lines. Thanks to its special soft seals and an extra smooth sealing surface, this non-return valve closes even with extremely low pressures.



  • Suitable up to 10 bar
  • Easy to open
  • Glassfibre-reinforced plastic housing
  • Low closing pressure
  • Free passage and low susceptibility to clogging
  • Resistant to most types of water used in greenhouse horticulture, such as rain, ditch and drain water


In pressure and intake lines, also for protection of filters, in flushing systems for irrigation (e.g. Kameleon High).

Download technical information

Download technical information