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Although Netafim Netherlands has only been introduced for a short period of time, its predecessor Revaho has been active for decades as a (knowledge) supplier of irrigation products. Revaho was founded in 1937 and started with selling simple irrigation pipes. In 2012, Revaho became part of the Netafim group and since 2020, the trade name Revaho has been completely transferred to Netafim Netherlands. Nowadays, Netafim Netherlands is an importer/wholesaler and producer of a complete product portfolio containing all sort of irrigation products. Grow more with less.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers


Netafim, part of Orbia, is the worldwide market leader in precision irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Netafim Netherlands is placed in the Geographic Business Unit (GBU) North Europe, along with Netafim UK and activities in e.g. Scandinavia and Central Europe. Netafim and Orbia are constantly working to achieve synergies and to share knowledge and experience to use our products in the right way.



Orbia has a long history as a producer of raw materials and through investments and strategic growth it became one of the world leaders in polymers, materials and infrastructure. Today, Orbia is with 5 business groups, active in more than 40 countries and employs more than 22,000 persons worldwide. In addition to Netafim, also Wavin, Koura, Dura-Line and Vestolit are part of Orbia. Orbia has the ambition to make a sustainable difference as a global player, advance life around the world. Netafim Netherlands therefore continues to develop sustainable precision irrigation systems.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Company goals

Netafim’s goal is to provide/deliver a total package of top-quality irrigation solutions for the agricultural sector and to ensure the solutions can be used optimally by innovation and knowledge transfer.

Netafim has an extensive part of the manufacturing of irrigation solutions into their own production, this includes PE-pipe, dripper lines, inline drippers and various accessories. In addition Netafim provides various A-brands in their total package. For example: sprinklers, filters, water meters, valves and non-return valves. In addition, Netafim provides PVC and PE fittings, hanging systems, glues etc. For these ‘less eye-catching products’ Revaho provides a high quality as well. Wherever possible improvements or enhancements are made to existing products and new innovations are added. In the irrigation sector as in many other sectors, applies; a system is as strong as its weakest link.

Netafim, as an irrigation specialist, is involved in various training and research projects in the Netherlands and abroad. In perspective of the end user, quality products and innovative solutions are not sufficient for achieving optimal efficiency. In addition, application knowledge and maintenance are important aspects. Netafim participates in projects for acquiring and sharing knowledge and provides knowledge through seminars, informative material and publications in professional journals.

Quality, innovation and knowledge: the three factors of success!

Drip irrigation

One of Netafim’s specialisms is to manufacture and deliver custom made, assembled dripping systems. To meet the high quality standards, Netafim started their own production of PE-pipe. The production location in Rucphen enables Netafim to maintain heavier standards and test procedures than usual, so produced dripping systems will remain without problems for years, under the most extreme circumstances. Netafim works with countless automatic machines for the assembly of dripping systems and thereby is the largest in the world. Justifiably, Netafim is the global market leader of drip irrigation.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Our vision

Our vision is, as a leading company, to endeavor the implementation of large scale application of smart irrigation solutions to avoid scarcity of food, water and land.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer optimal irrigation solutions with our partners to ensure a sustainable future. We provide innovative, simple and reliable solutions as a total supplier. Our teams are the irrigation specialist and provide customers with the best agronomic and technical support to ensure excellent results and trust.

Core values

Our core values are our guideline to accomplisch our vision and mission. These are defined and created based on personal and organizational success stories originating from the whole company. This input demonstrates the strength of our core value Partner for Success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is always part of our core activities and is more than only a commitment. This what we do.

Environmental awareness
Netafim is dedicated to the promotion of a sustainable environment by participating on relevant forums and developing of products and solutions that:

  • Reduce water pollution and drought;
  • Improve soil productivity;
  • Reduce use of fertilisers;
  • Make use of recycled water for irrigation;
  • Support energy saving activities;
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions;
  • Stimulate sustainable productivity.

Social engagement
Our commitment to social responsibility is expressed by a wide range of activities in which we:

  • Initiate voluntary educative activities;
  • Participate in the participation lawmaking;
  • Stimulate sustainable water consumption;
  • Share advanced ‘agro-know-how’ and technologies.

We promote sustainability through a business approach in which we:

  • Realize a high level of transparency;
  • Follow principles of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI);
  • Comply with an extended business code of conduct;
  • Comply with the highest international values
  • Guarantee an uncompromising effort for the welfare of our employees

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